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Other Useful Places Online for Rock Collectors

Here is a list of other websites Nature Made Rocks invites you to visit. Listing here does not imply any endorsement or guarantee of the goods or services offered by these other sites. We just want to make you aware of some rock collecting sites and other sites of general interest to our users.

Rock Collecting

The Internet abounds with information that is useful to rock collectors. Here are some of our favorites that we know you will appreciate as much as we do.

US Geological Services Rock Collecting Guide.
The USGS has a wonderful site filled with valuable information about rock collecting around the US. You'll find where to go and what to see no matter what area of the country you visit.

Science Master Rock Collecting
Science Master presents a guide to rock collecting that every rock hound should see.

The online rock collecting magazine Rock & Gem Magazine Online is an excellent source for rock collecting information around North America.

If you have kids, visit Salt The Sandbox for some great ideas on how to introduce them to the hobby of rock collecting.

See "Fossils to Shale - Rockhounding for Kids" - a great article on introducing kids to rock collecting.

Travel and Leisure

Rock collecting is a wonderful hobby because you can combine your rock collecting with so many other leisure activities. All rocks and no culture makes Jack a dull person indeed. Visit these sites to expand your horizons.

See Rainbo Animation Art for original toys from Toy Story. It's also a great source of Disney artwork and collectibles, including Disney cels, pins, collectible watches, figures, and paper ephemera from Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Online Book Reviews by Rainbo Electronic Reviews.
Concise reviews of mysteries, non-fiction, audiobooks, children's books, and DVDs. When you're ready to explore a world beyond the New York Times Bestseller list, visit Rainbo Reviews.

New Orleans Fishing Charters.
Titeline Charters has several affordable packages that include guided fishing trips with onsite lodging available in the New Orleans area.

Best Fishing Resort in Lake of the Woods Ontario
If you're looking for an exciting fishing trip in Ontario, visit Lebron's for guided fishing and hunting trips and lodging. All on Lake of the Woods, at the northern tip of Minnesota.

Colortime Crafts and Markers offers Easy Kids Crafts Packages with their non-toxic fabric markers and t-shirts, pillowcases, and backpacks that kids can color themselves. Great for school events, girl scouts, and more!

See French Presents Emporium for elegant Eiffel Tower Gifts that will please the Francophile in your house. You can have a touch of France in every room.

Push My Buttons sells inexpensive and amusing executive toys that have amazing sound effects. They make great office and casual gifts for the price of a trip to Starbucks.

Home and Business

There's only time for rock collecting if your home and business are running smoothly. Don't miss these helpful resources we suggest.

Petersen's Electrical are the best Electricians in Calgary. If you live in the Calgary, Alberta area, contact Petersen's for fast, reliable electricians.

Natural Health Advocates offers a selected assortment of Healthy Supplements and Snacks that will help keep your whole family in the pink.

Computers and the Internet

Every rock collector knows that it's important to keep your computer in good shape. Here are some useful services you should see.

It's a jungle out there. See Rick Trethewey's article on how to prevent computer virus and malware. from infecting your computer, tablet, and smartphone. Simple advice with links to free tools and services that will help keep you safe online.

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