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From dinosaurs to the world of cavemen, the primeval environment shows though in the images in these rocks.

We invite you to browse through the images presented here. Just click on any of the pictures to see a full-size view.

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Ice Age

Does this look a lot like that sabre-toothed tiger that was in the movie Ice Age?

Dinosaur Poop

This appears to be dinosaur dropping. It looks as if it was raining at the time,then a volcano or some catastrophy covered it.

Bug Eyed Monster

Mr. Magoo's grandfather or some prehistoric insect.

Barney Rubble in Real Rubble

How much does this look like Barney Rubble? You remember Fred Flintstone's neighbor and best friend. Looks to me like he is laying back.

Prehistoric beehive

This is even small by todays standards

Stone boot

Shoe Pavillion carries a similar boot 35 million years later

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