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From dinosaurs to the world of cavemen, the primeval environment shows though in the images in these rocks.

We invite you to browse through the images presented here. Just click on any of the pictures to see a full-size view.

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Do you see the image of a prehistoric looking caveman? Could he be the descendent of a Inca.Maya or Aztec Indian? He is wearing some type of headgear.

Prehistoric Cell Phone

Well??? Doesn?t it? Come on!

Rule Britania!

Could this be Britain a few million years ago? The geologists say it was once joined to the continent. It now again is with the tunnel. Or is it Great Britain with Ireland covered with fog or very much lowland at the time?

Back to Bedrock

Was there a rent-a-dinosaur company once called Aviis? Maybe we had better ask Fred Flintstone.

Prehistoric Utensil

This looks like it could have been the tie of a Goliath-sized caveman. Either that or some kind of stirring tool in the desert or snow where trees were rare.

Get The Club

This appears to be a petrified caveman's club. It weighs about 15 pounds and appears lethal. I don?t believe that even if all wood that men used to conk women on the head and drag her to a cave. Like today, I believed they tried to charm her or outdo other cavemen. Look at my cave - it has headroom and a sabertooth tiger carpet, barbeque and smoking cooking facilities. If I died, community property was around then. She was set for life. No mortgage or gas and water utilities. That was all free. Don?t want Mythbusters to think I'm trying to move in on their territory. This myth needs to be solved with emotion and not science,math and physics. Perhaps when all scientific myths have been adressed, they may branch out to other areas.

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