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This collection of rocks shows familar locations and famous landmarks, as well as maps and other geographic subjects. All as nature made them with no editing or manipulation.

We invite you to browse through the images presented here. Just click on any of the pictures to see a full-size view.

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SF and San Mateo County

And Monterey Bay about 20 million years ago. What do you think? Scholars are welcome to give their input.

Green pepper

ts all green despite shadow

Loch Ness Monster

Rock being green like water and dark image. Does look like Nessie? Color contrast was almost a miracle. Comments from Inverness,California or Scotland welcome.

Michael Jackson?

If they look awhile,it may come,theysaid

Prehistoric horses head

Sure doesn't look like a modern day horse does it?

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Moose, water faucet,or,rescue helicopter?

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