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Places: Landscapes and Landmarks Images

This collection of rocks shows familar locations and famous landmarks, as well as maps and other geographic subjects. All as nature made them with no editing or manipulation.

We invite you to browse through the images presented here. Just click on any of the pictures to see a full-size view.

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This is one of the closest to Austria that I have retrieved. Don?t ask Arnold now how close it is now. After he's done serving as governor of California, he may have more time to talk about it.


Does this look like Spain in a sattelite photo with cloudcover? See Corsica and Italy?

South America

Does this appear to be a prehistoric map of South America? As you can see, the equator is further south.

Near the Gulf of Mexico

I've been told that the image of South America looks apparent here, and part of Mexico. But Florida is a little overblown

Cuba and More

One appears to be Cuba in a sattelite photo with cloud cover. Another looks like that dress top J.Lo wore to the academy awards a few years ago that got a lot of attention. A couple of fingertips with their nails. Israel,and a H for Honda? Don?t remember the other two.

Easter Island Stone

This one is a lot smaller than those on Easter Island. Like a doll.

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