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Human beings tend to see themselves or others in abstract images. This category shows some great examples of images of people and figures that I see in the rocks in my collection.

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Biblical Figure

Jesus,Moses,so they tell me. What do you think? About 9 inches tall and millions of years old. I think. Did it look like this even 20,000 years ago? Erosion and nature and all,it must have been the timing.

Nativity Scene

Does this look like a scene in a manger? Wise looking men and a woman overlooking a baby?

Woman in Fur

Does this look like a statue of a woman sitting, wearing a fur coat to you? I think it does. Maybe it's Ancient Greek or Atlantean.

Sailor Home From The Sea

Sorry about the pennies, but does this look like a sailor saluting or a pizzamaker in the early tossing stages?

Scuba Diver

Does this look like a scuba diver with rusty tanks trying to hold on to either a baby whale or large fish? Jacque Cousteau only invented it in 1943. Or May have been conceived long before. Prehistoric Dolphin with airtanks to allow longer deeper dives.

Crossing The Delaware

Does this look like George Washington crossing the Delaware in the snowstorm? Or does it look like he is already on the other side? Looks like a house there, doesn?t it?

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