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Human beings tend to see themselves or others in abstract images. This category shows some great examples of images of people and figures that I see in the rocks in my collection.

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Does this look like the Virgin Mary holding a baby? And not Madonna the singer.


This looks like a woman with black hair and a white hat talking to some guy with a woman looking over her. What do you think? They look like royalty?

Father Time

This appears a bit like Father Time to the right, holding a sickle and staring at the universe. Looks like Greenland or South America on Earth and a few meteors, or something orbiting it. But it looks to me more like Mother Time than Father.

Former Beatle Stu Sutcliffe

He is credited with giving the Beatles their name. If you look in the picture in Hanover it looks like him. Another photo and that?s Paul McCartney s left arm next to his face playing rythem or 3rd guitar? This time Stu is facing the auduence playing bass. There are plenty of Liverpudlians who were around then and could judge the accuracy of that. Even though it may have been taken in Germany.


Does this look like a spiritual singer with stars in his eyes? If he didn?t make it he sure had a very uplifting smile.

Distinctive Duo

Go ahead and vote on this one. I've heard people say it looked like 2 men. Does it remotely resemble anyone you'd say?

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