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People: Faces and Figures Images

Human beings tend to see themselves or others in abstract images. This category shows some great examples of images of people and figures that I see in the rocks in my collection.

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Married Rocks

Boy, talk about Same Sex Marriage! The larger is more than 6 inches across. Who knows how long it took to grind their way into each other? Geologists and marriage counselors are being consulted.

The Lost Tribe

Historians will have a field day trying to figure this one out. Who or what kind of man or woman is this? Not Atlantean, or some unknown persons?


There were many opinions on this one. One said it looked like Greg Louganis diving, another said swimming reptile, or a person who fell backwards, probably male.

Gold Country

A prospector swinging a pick?

Gee, Beaver!

Doesn't this look like a profile of Wally Cleaver?

American Icon

Doesn't this look like a rear angle photo of someone wearing Levis jeans. Perhaps the right pocket was torn. Maybe Levi Strauss got his idea from this rock which was found in the SF bay area and is millions of years old.

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