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Some rocks have patterns in them that remind you of familiar objects and famous people. These are some of the best from my collection.

We invite you to browse through the images presented here. Just click on any of the pictures to see a full-size view.

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Depends on Your Point of View

These both look like they could be unknown species or unknown to us that is. Upper resembles a waterbuffalo head and the lower a very strong legged tortoise? It could also be like an AT-AT except not all terrain. Its legs are too short. Being low gravity like the Hudson Hornets of the Late 40s, Mark Hammil would have had a lot of trouble tripping this one.

Humphrey Hambone

You need to be over 30 to remember Humphrey Hambone (at this printing). You may also have to be from the Bay Area.

Ghost in a Hat

Does this appear to be a ghost or spirit wearing a chinamans hat? It has been called a shadowy rock. Looks like a cemetary backset.

Many Ciews

Front, rear, or side view says its a swan diver, a two-headed animal, or a nude man falling backwards.

Frozen Lava

Looks hot, but its not. If you see something that looks like this in Hawaii, don't touch it!

NASA, Fred Flintstone, or Cow

Votes put them in this order: Fred Flintstone, NASA logo, and a cow

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