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This collection of rocks conjure up images of objects we see all around us. I think it's fun to find rocks with images in them provided by Mother Nature.

We invite you to browse through the images presented here. Just click on any of the pictures to see a full-size view.

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Volcanic Activity

I think this one looks like Easter Island, Terazzo, a butterfly or bowtie macaroni and... oh... help me on the last... A volcano stream of smoke?

Plate Shift

Plate shift? This here is evidence. Or a petrified puzzle. Let the geologists decide.

Galaxy counter clockwise

Hurricanes, Galaxies, Southern hemispere, cyclones, can only spin 2 ways.

Moon face

Could this be the man in the moon with a smirk on his face?


Either a comet,meteor,or Barry Bonds homerun ball.

Comets or cells

Either asteroids or comets colliding,or spermcells connecting

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