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In this collection, the images in the rocks tend to look like objects we see in our everyday lives.

We invite you to browse through the images presented here. Just click on any of the pictures to see a full-size view.

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I say this looks like some kind of petrified cucumber. Come on! What else could it be? Maybe its just a Cigar.

Giant Peanut

As you can see, this giant peanut is about 18 inches long. Didn?t bother to bug Jimmy Carter or his brother Billy about this when I found it. They both seemed very busy in 1978. Maybe they would have told me to crack it open.


Does this look a bit like the famous raft Kon-Tiki? It would have helped if there was some blue in it , I'm told. You decide.

Dodge Ram Charger

This looks a bit like the Dodge Ram. If you look at the ends of both horns, one has a Mercedes sign. The other upside down image appears to read Lee - as in Lee Iacocca? What a coincidence! 'Ramosauruses'?


Does this look like a flattened basketball to you? One viewer I asked said it looks like a man or woman of color with tanbathingsuit or underwear bending over.


Does this look like a tank that just took a hit while it was firing?

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