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I find the images of words or individual letters in these rocks to be intriguing. Maybe God, Nature, the Universe is trying to tell us something! Or maybe not. In any case, these are fun rocks to look at.

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The letters IC. Could this be an Integrated Circuit computer chip? Or just initials for something like Imperial College, London. Industry of Canada, or perhaps initials for a name like Irene Clark, or Ice Cream. This could have been like a barber pole. Better ask Baskin Robbins or Dreyers , Ben and Jerrys or others. Whoever your local suppliers are. Maybe they have a historian who can answer that.

San Francisco

These initials of SF are the best I have for now - about 6 inches. Not so easy to find. Rocks with LA in them are more common.

Star of David

Sorry that this picture is a little blurred. Does it look like a tablet with a star of David a small and very large man? Could it be David and Goliath? Just a thought. What do you think?

Skewed Vision

Turn your head clockwise 1/4 turn. Doesn't this look like a bleeding rock with a bowed head, prophet praying?

X Marks the Spot

Its a bit eerie, but maybe this is one reason why people use stones for markers and signs. One view looks like a reindeer. Flip it and it looks like a sly fox with a bowtie,no?


Sorry about the photo blurr. If you look closely, you can see that this one spells Poe. As in Edgar Allen Poe. Get a better one soon. I also have Oprah, Joe,and Dolly.

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