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Images from the animal kingdom are among the most common patterns that people see in these rocks. Here are some of my favorites from my decades of rock collecting.

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This one we can say prehistoric penguin with a larger than normal head. Species also unknown. A little more white than black fur.

Charlie The Tuna

If that ain't Charlie Tuna it sure looks like some scuba diving fish. Also, this rock is about 120 million years old.

Bambi in the Woods

There's the little prince!

Giant Grasshopper

Or maybe a giant bee. From the looks of the size of his wing in proportion to the rest of his body, it looks like it was like a dodo bird unable to fly. Naturalists and all,I welcome your opinions.

Wooly Mammoth

From this view, several people said that this looks like a Mastadon or Mammoth with tusks. If you flip it upside down it almost looks like Australia today. When I was young, I used to say Allstralia. It may not be All Australia, but it is almost Australia. This rock may be 300 million years old, and maybe did look like this then.

Side of Beef

This rock looks like a roast or cut of beef of some kind. Not known what percentage is fat. Better ask a butcher.

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