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Welcome to my online rock collecting photo gallery. These are pictures of the rocks that I've collected over the years that have interesting images in the patterns of the grain of the rocks. Or at least, that's what I see when I look at them. Please browse through the categories presented here. We are happy to see you here and hope that you'll come back often.

Just click on the category title or image to see the rocks in that category.

Pictures in Patterns

Some rocks have patterns in them that remind you of familiar objects and famous people. These are some of the best from my collection.

Pictures in Patterns Photos


Images from the animal kingdom are among the most common patterns that people see in these rocks. Here are some of my favorites from my decades of rock collecting.

Animals Photos

People: Faces and Figures

Human beings tend to see themselves or others in abstract images. This category shows some great examples of images of people and figures that I see in the rocks in my collection.

People: Faces and Figures Photos

Objects in Nature

This collection of rocks conjure up images of objects we see all around us. I think it's fun to find rocks with images in them provided by Mother Nature.

Objects in Nature Photos

Objects in Our Lives

In this collection, the images in the rocks tend to look like objects we see in our everyday lives.

Objects in Our Lives Photos


I find the images of words or individual letters in these rocks to be intriguing. Maybe God, Nature, the Universe is trying to tell us something! Or maybe not. In any case, these are fun rocks to look at.

Messages Photos

Prehistoric Images

From dinosaurs to the world of cavemen, the primeval environment shows though in the images in these rocks.

Prehistoric Images Photos

Places: Landscapes and Landmarks

This collection of rocks shows familar locations and famous landmarks, as well as maps and other geographic subjects. All as nature made them with no editing or manipulation.

Places: Landscapes and Landmarks Photos