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Rocks are Formed by Volcanic Action

My rocks are all nature made. They have not been altered. They have been scrubbed in water or bleach. Then a shellac, varathane or polish. All of the images you see in these rocks were created by the forces that formed the rock in the first place and brought out by geologic forces, the wear and tear of running water, and whatever else happened in the last billion years or so. I have no degrees in geology etc. so I'm open to feedback from scholars to provide a more comprehensive explaination. And you'll just have to bear with me on some of the humor I've sprinkled through the descriptions, though. Humor always spices things up. You may find it amusing to see the research I have done. Many librarians know me. To me they are heroes. I can remember every teacher I ever had (about 42). I like baseball and football, but to me everyone can be a hero, regardless of profession. Remember, you studied it in the warmth of classroom with lots of references and collegues. I went out in the wilderness, usually alone, and as youll see why, I truly believe though that anyone who spends any time on this website will have their horizons expanded. As you explore my website, I hope you'll find you're saying things to yourself like, "And gee, I didn't know that," or "I never thought of it that way,"

I don't recommend this to most people. Again, these rocks and the patterns in them have all occurred naturally. Its all just fortunate timing that I found the rocks when these images were apparent. They probably looked much different a million years ago. We need a geologist for that one. Anyone who has lapidary skill (not me) can take a rock and carve some kind of image or words. That I think is why the Kensington Stone in Minnesota hasn't been very popular. I am guilty myself of doing similar things to make an amusing artifact. In 1964 a friend of mine carved 1833 on a rock. I told him that around here, before 1849 the only people would have been Indians. Or General Vallejo who, in 1836, built the first house. I carved 1841 because the rock was hard, and straight lines were easier to carve. I don't know what happened to those rocks, but if anyone finds them, I'll confirm it was me and my friend.

These rocks have design and images brought on by the quartz formation, or change of color, or shape. You can decide why certain images do or don't come to your mind. All my rocks can be seen and, as a lapidary once told me, trying to match any of your rocks would be very difficult. Just trying to find the stone to start with would be the most difficult. And you would know it was man-made.

I have a few rocks that my son or friends painted or added art to. They will be pointed out. Most of my rocks contain images of naturally occurring things: animals, man-made, etc. Its very funny that I have never found any images of mythological characters (eg. mermaids,centurians,sea serpents). I have, however, found some rocks with man-made characters, such as Bambi, The Flintstones, Charlie The Tuna, Goggles the Lion from the movie "Ice Age." I've also found rocks containing images of objects like a pistol with a silencer,comets with a tail, a dog that scuba dives, astronauts on the moon, and climbers of Mount Everest putting up a flag. Also some very popular logos.

I have 1 or 2 that resemble a dragon more than a dinosaur. This one gets most votes as a dragon's head. Although there is no proof that dragons ever existed,this one isn't breathing fire. Earliest known stories I heard were from Tasmania 40,000 years ago. Better watch Harry Potter - that baby shot fire. OK, wait 'til the site gets up.

Many of my rock images look like dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals and fish. Some look unidentifiable. Some may have existed and we just havent found the bones. Just 12,000 years ago, Sea Level was 200 feet or less than today. People could walk from Russia to Alaska - and apparently, according to recent studies, they did. If that happened again, just think of the new finds we would make of bones etc. Civilizations who lived near the oceans. Archieologists would have a field day. Anyway, I will have an unknown species section where it looks like nothin we have seen. Also ones with faces which I could not identify. But if it looks like someone your studies have made known, tell me. I'm sure great people are known for what they did, not what they look like. Also there will be an adult section,because there are ones that look like sex scenes and organs. The animals mating is fine. I have retrieved about 1/3 of my collection which is about 650 of 2000. If you spend 1minute on each one that is almost 11 hours.

How I Rate My Rocks

If it strongly looks like a duck, it is labeled a duck and gets a 9 or 10. If it looks like a Star of David and a few lines are broken, then it gets deductions. But if you can make out the star easily, it gets at least a 6. Most rocks are measured or if you cant see the inches, look for an American Quarter. (Almost 1 inch or 2 centimeters) Most 3 inches to 15 inches.

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